1. I just played Rivercross and thought about it. I thought it is hard if you do not how to do it and easy to do it if you know how to do it. In Rivercross you try to get the hen, grain and a fox. The fox and the hen can not be together, and the grain and the hen can not be together.

2. I like to play Waterslide. It's very fun. You try to get to the end of the slide without hitting the duck or the crab. You try to get the the green diamonds and the crown. If you get the crown and hit the duck you get extra points. If you fall of you lose a life and on level 5, if you do not get up the hills you also lose a life.

3. I like to play Tap Tap Revenge 2. Its very fun and you can play with a friend. You can also play by yourself. In Tap Tap Revenge you press buttons at the right time to get points.
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