Frabby and Friends

By: Vera

”Help!” screamed Frabby, but his voice was muffled as he was shoved down by a crashing wave. Frabby suddenly felt the battering force stop. He gently bobbed to the surface and cast his glance across the ocean. He could see land! Frabby tried desperately to reach the island, but as luck would have it, all his attempts were in vain. He spotted a piece of driftwood just laying there as if it were sleeping. Frabby swam as fast as he could to the piece of driftwood. He saw a map drawn on it. It showed that the island was surrounded by whirlpools, but he could spot a gap wide enough for him to get through. Frabby climbed onto the driftwood piece and let it go. He started drifting toward the gap, but once again his bad luck kicked in. He was heading for the whirlpools.
Frabby tried to steer his way back toward the gap but the wind kept blowing, making the steering impossible. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the horrible whirling sensation, but it never came. Frabby opened his eyes and took a quick glance around. He was floating just a inch away from the whirling pool of doom. Frabby thought that the whirlpools must lead somewhere, and so with that he went straight into the whirlpool. Frabby felt as dizzy as if he had just been put on the worlds fastest spinning teacup. Frabby suddenly felt his head jerk up and got a mouthful of seawater. He had forgotten all about the whirlpool. Frabby scrambled up on his mini boat and glanced down. He could see sand and trees. He was saved! Finally the boat slammed down on the sand, and Frabby slowly stood up. He thought he should explore, but he was afraid of getting lost in the growing darkness. Frabby decided to wait till morning to explore and let himself fall into a deep sleep.
The next day Frabby woke with the sunlight burning into his eyes and the sand crawling on his back. Frabby suddenly remembered that he was an a mysterious island. He jerked his body up so fast that he sprayed sand everywhere. He instinctively said he was sorry, but there was no one there to hear him. Frabby decided to explore and walked over to one of the paths. While he was walking he noticed that is was was very sunny for a place at the bottom of a whirlpool. Frabby finally came to the end of his long walk and saw a sign right in the middle of the clearing. It said:Welcome! If you have found this place then to get of you must find the gems a set them in the right order. When you do you will find a way to get back home. To start your search look for the stone tablet. Good Luck! Signed The officers of puzzle island.
It was growing dark after Frabby finished reading the sign, so Frabby decided to go to sleep and look in the morning. When Frabby got back to the place were he slept the night before, his mouth dropped open and stayed that way. Everything he had had been blown away by the wind. The moon was already high in the sky casting a soft glow on the sand. It was to dark to do anything else so he let himself drift away on the boat of dreams.
It was dark, Frabby could see nothing and he could only feel the crustiness of the walls. He was walking down a dark and damp corridor. Frabby could almost feel the soaking wet moss. Finally he could barley see a giant door, looming up and above him. It looked like it was made with solid gold, and the brass rings were covered with glittering gems. Frabby shoved open the door and there, right in front of him, was the most magnificent, magical sight. There, right in front of him was an shining ocean. All the rocks you could ever find were scattered among the beach and glittering moss crept across the tops. Frabby felt tired. He started walking over to the rocks. Suddenly, a furple gurple jumped out of the ocean and started chasing Frabby! He opened his eyes and saw a cave close by. He scurried over and saw a stone tablet, hidden under a leafy plant. He picked it up and read: To get the first gem you must turn 8 into 6. Frabby had no idea how to turn 8 into 6. Then, he saw a bush with fruit on it . He went over and picked up the fruit and started counting. The were 8 pieces!
Okay, Frabby think. He thought. Frabby started thinking about the puzzle and started to solve it. He had 8 pieces and needed to turn them into 6. Duh! Yes! He got it! He would arrange the 8 pieces in a 6 formation! The second he solved the puzzle, a door opened and stairs fell neatly down the ground. Frabby fell down the stairs. There on a pink pillow, was another stone tablet.

Frabby picked up the tablet and started to read. Congratulations! You have solved the first puzzle. Now to get your stone you must solve this riddle. After you have turned 8 into 6, look up into a fold and there you will get your prize. Frabby looked up but all he could see was a sun baked roof. He climbed the stairs and looked up. Now, all he could see were palm trees. The glossy,shiny soft leaves that he could use to make a bed. He tugged and tugged but the leaves wouldn’t budge. Night was falling fast and the moon was not out today. Now the leaves the Frabby had wanted, looked like sharp dagger claws. Everything around him looked like parts of the vicious monster, the furple gurple.Frabby salvaged what he could find, and slowly, ever so slowly fell asleep. Frabby was on the sun. He was hopping around like a potato. Then Frabby fell flat on his face and woke up. He started searching for the fold.( Just to tell you, its probably not the kind of fold you would think of.) Every few seconds he would look up and see nothing but palm trees. After a few minutes he noticed that the same palm tree was following him! Just then, he spotted a shimmer among the folds of the palm tree!
Frabby found the stone , but he couldn’t find a way to get it. He didn’t know how to climb and he needed the gem. Then Frabby saw that little things were shoved into the tree trunk . He decided that today was the day he was going to learn to climb! ( In case I did not tell you, Frabby can’t climb.) Frabby slowly swung his leg up on one of the shelves. Then he grabbed the uppermost shelve he could reach, and swung his other leg up. In about five minutes he was at the top! Frabby reached for the sparkling gem. He was an inch away from it, when he started to slip. Frabby quickly grabbed the gem, and fell to the ground. He looked in his hand. The sparkly, purple gem shimmered in the hot sunlight. Suddenly, a person walked out of the bushes. She had curly red pigtails, sea green eyes, black knee high boots, A star necklace, a sliver skirt with blue glitter and a sleeveless top with the beach on it. She stepped out of the shadows. “Who are you?” Frabby asked. “My name is Star, I live here on the island.” she said. ” I saw you trying to get that amethyst.” she continued. I could have helped. There was only one thing Frabby knew about Star, and that was that she looked like the last person on earth, that would climb a tree. “Anyway” Star’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. ” I better get going, Bye!” she said as turned around and walked away. Only then did Frabby realize that he hadn’t told Star his name. He pushed the thought out of his head and started looking for something to hold the so called amethyst. Just then, the wind picked up and leaves danced and swirled around Frabby. Then, when the leaves cleared up he had a little pouch to hold all his ‘amethysts’. (Frabby doesn’t know the gems have different names.)
Frabby started looking for the next gem. He followed a path that led him to to the ocean. There he saw , a mermaid singing on the rocks! The mermaid had wavy golden-brown hair that reached down to her shoulders, a shimmery white top that was so sparkly he had to look away, and she had a shimmering teal tail. He approached quietly. Suddenly, he called out ” What is you name?! “ The the mermaid jumped in the water and started swimming. Frabby felt downcast. He wanted to know the mermaids name. Then a card flew down to Frabby. In orange writing the card said: Coral. Now, Frabby was happy, now he knew the mermaids name!
Frabby kept walking. He followed every twist and turn, until he was hopelessly lost. Then, the air started to change. The air became crisp and cold. Like after a visit from Jack Frost himself. Frabby still kept following the path until he was in a clearing. There, right in front of him was a crystal pool. Just like in his dreams. Right in the middle was the mermaid called Coral. Then Coral spotted him, she dived in the water and swam up to him. “Hi.” she said. Frabby didn’t know what to say. He had never spoken to a mermaid before. Then a tablet in Coral’s hand caught his eye. “Could I read that tablet Coral?” He asked. She laughed. “Yes, of course.” Coral said and handed over the tablet. This is what it said: Solve the mermaids riddle and claim your prize. You have until sundown. Good Luck! “To find the thing that you are seeking, look for the place that the water is leaking.” Coral’s voice swam into his head. Then, with a flick of her tail, she was gone.

Frabby started working on Coral’s riddle. Just like with the first riddle, Frabby couldn’t figure out how to solve this one. Then out of the blue, a porange dorange jumped out at him. Frabby knew what would happen if he looked into the eyes of the brother of the furple gurple. He ran and ran and ran, but the porange dorange was always right behind him. His heart pounded in his chest. He could hear every single beat of his heart. Frabby stopped dead. So did the porange dorange. Right in front of him, was the most horrible sight he had ever saw.
A riddle book. A book with all the answers to all the riddles, on this island. But Frabby wasn’t fooled. He knew that was the furple gurple just waiting to munch him up. Waiting for him to come closer to pick up the ”book”. Instead, Frabby ran the other way. Serving around porange dorange. Then when he finally stopped running, he looked up. He saw fruit in the tree. Frabby climbed up the tree and picked the fruit. The fruit was dark red and light green. It had a weird shape that Frabby called raindrop. He peeled the fruit, not knowing or caring what was inside. The fruit inside was as black as a night with no stars. He took a bite.
The fruit tasted wonderful. Like all of Frabby’s favorite foods mixed together into this fruit. Then he started to feel dizzy. Frabby took out his Whats Wrong With Me scanner. The light scanned over him and then it beeped. Frabby looked at the screen. He had just eaten a poisonous pear! Frabby was in trouble. If he didn’t find something to get the pear out of him, well, who knows what would happen. Frabby quickly looked around and saw another fruit. This time, the fruit was blue and sliver. Frabby recognized that fruit. It was a spark, the only thing that could clear the poison. Frabby climbed up the tree and grabbed the spark. He peeled it. The fruit was a sunset color inside. Frabby ate the fruit all up. The fruit tasted like stars dancing on his tongue. Then, almost immediately he stomach calmed down. Frabby was saved!
Frabby started to fell sleepy. ” I forgot” mumbled Frabby ” the after effects of the spark make you fall asleep.” Just as he finished his thought he started to drift away on the ship of dreams. Frabby looked up he could see a cascading wall of water. Then Frabby heard a voice whispering on the breeze. Waterfall, waterfall is the, but before the voice could answer the breeze swept it away. Frabby woke up, just like in his dream he saw a wonderful wall of water cascading down from the sky. (Frabbys only one foot tall.) He waddled over to the crystal pool and looked deep in to the water. Frabby thought as the waterfall as a giant leak (hint hint) in his house. the Coral’s riddle rang in his ears. To find the thing that you are seeking,look for the place where the water is leaking. Frabby finally found the place where his dream was telling him to go.

Suddenly, a splash rang out from the pool. Frabby whipped his head around. There on the rock was Coral. Coral gave a little clap of delight.” I knew you would solve my riddle. Now, for your prize.” She said. Then, as fast as lightning she dove into the water. Frabby shifted uncomfortably as he waited for Coral appear. Seconds felt like hours and by the time Coral came up( Frabby’s really impatient)Frabby was bored stiff. Coral came back up holding an ancient treasure box. Coral opened the box and took out the gem. Frabby hopped up and down with delight. He had found is gem. “Here is your Garnet.” said Coral. Frabby looked at Coral with confusion in his gaze. “I thought that all of these thingies were called amethysts.” Frabby said. “Frabby, different gems are called different things.” Coral told him. Frabby said his thanks and scurried away. Frabby needed to find the next clue to where the next gem was. Frabby kept walking and walking until he tripped over a root and came face to face with a clay tablet. Frabby got up and read the tablet. This is what it said: Look in the field with the bright red cherries, the thing that you seek is a shiny red “berry.” Frabby wondered what the apostrophes meant. “Oh well, I guess I’ll find out later Frabby said. “I could help you with that riddle.” Frabby jumped high up into the air. Then, he turned around. He saw a person with golden curly-wavy wet hair piled in a bun, she wore a sliver dress with dolphins printed on it. “I could help you with that riddle.” she repeated. Frabby still didn’t speak. “Oops, I probably should have told you my name. It’s Delphine.” Frabby finally spoke” Will you help me with this riddle?” In response, Delphine just walked into the water and disappeared. I wonder why she offered to help if she was just going to walk away, Frabby thought. Frabby had noticed something about Delphine that he had seen before. It was the star necklace! Star had the same one. Then out of nowhere Star appeared. “Delphine did not steal it, I have it right hear.” said Star. Frabby was only half listening. He remembered seeing the necklace somewhere else. Coral! He had seen the same necklace on Coral! By the time he got all his thought together Star and the cove were gone. Instead of the cove there was a green field with all kinds of berries. Instead of Star, there was Delphine! ” I told you I would help you.” she said. Delphine bent down and picked a glistening, bright red berry. To Frabby it looked like a gem. Frabby thought that maybe the red gem was hidden among the berries. Frabby started looking. Frabby tripped. He looked to see what he tripped on. Frabby saw three star necklaces, all pointing in one direction. North. Frabby headed north and found a really sparkly “berry.” Frabby knew this wasn’t a berry because it had sharp edges. Very unberry like. He knew at once that this was the third gem. Frabby picked it up and started to walk out. When he came upon a toll bridge.

Now, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but that bridge isn’t a toll bridge, it’s a troll bridge. Right after that first sentence you probably think that the rest of this story is about this. A troll lived under a bridge and then a bunch of princesses walk over the bridge and threatens to eat him and yadda yadda yadda. Well you’re wrong. This is not a story where the troll falls into the river and the princesses have to save him. Maybe I should write a story about that. Okay, off topic. The point is this is not some fairytale story that you’ve heard a million times. This is a story about a frab that has an adventure on Puzzle Island. Now, if you still think I’m going to write some fairytale then I suggest that you just never read the rest of Frabby and Friends. Now I have to go and write Frabby and Friends Part 5. Au revoir!(Bye.)

Frabby put in a seashell(he used seashells as money.) and started to cross the bridge. Then, out of the blue a troll jumped out on the bridge. Frabby was so scared to see a real, live troll. Frabby thought that they only lived in fairy tales. Frabby was so startled, that he fell of the bridge! He hit the ground with a splash. Then the bubbling current swept him away. Frabby heard another splash and groggily lifted his head. The troll was swimming after him! Frabby knew he could swim, but he was so tired ( Frabby has low stamina) he started kicking his legs out anyway and then smashed his face against the sand! A leather book washed up right beside him. Frabby tried to get up but he tripped over the book and landed on the ground again. Frabby passed out.
Frabby woke up to a beetle on his nose. He screamed and jumped back in the water. The beetle jumped off and swam away so Frabby decided to open the book.//
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