Student Learning

I sort of like wiki spaces. I mean I like writing sometimes on wikis and wiki mailing but most of the time I don't like wiki spaces. Usually I am bored with writing on wikis. I like blogs a lot better. On kidblog you can learn what other people like and dislike. You can also learn things about friends that you didn't know, like I didn't know that Lucy had a beta fish named Rainbow. I also like kidblog because, well I don't really know why else I like it but I know I like something else about it. On wiki spaces you do learning, but I think learning on kidblog is a lot more fun. On kidblog I have made 4 Frabby and Friends post and I really like them. I also really liked the post about Rainbow that Lucy wrote. At first, I didn't really like kidblog because we were having to write about material world. But now we don't have to anymore, and I like kidblog a lot more.

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