Character Comparison

By: Vera

My two characters are Samuel and Carrie (those were the only two people we talked about). The books they are in are Blood on The River and Grandpa’s Mountain. Blood on The River is about the settlement of Jamestown. Grandpa’s Mountain is about the government taking away land from people, to build Shenandoah National Park.

In some ways Samuel and Carrie were the same. For instance, they were both pretty dependent on things or people. They also had lots of conflict going on in their stories. But there’s usually conflict in books. They were also able to walk without crutches and things like that.

They were as different as they were the same. As you can tell from their names, Samuel is a boy and Carrie is a girl. There were also some more things that were different. Samuel wore armor and Carrie wore skirts, shirts, dresses, etc. Carrie “lived” in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Samuel lived in Jamestown.

Samuel and Carrie were alike and different in a lot of ways. Even though they were from different time periods. I liked reading about Samuel more than Carrie. That was something I thought you should know.
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